Order of Secrets

This group oversees the security of the most dangerous artifacts, scrolls and tomes in the Monastery’s possession. The order oversees multiple floors and vaults that are split up depending on the nature of items or subject matter. They control access to this area, preventing most individuals outside the order entry. They may perform requested research and provide summaries.

Only full members of the order are regularly granted free access and even apprentices have to be supervised or restricted. Generally no individual is allowed to access the restricted sections alone, at minimum people go in pairs or have a a member of the Order of Secrets escort them for both security and practical reasons.

Only by approval of the Master of Secrets or the Master Curator are non-members of the Monastery allowed within the restricted sections and those individuals are restricted and supervised. Generally it requires one of those two to grant even supervised access to certain specific areas for members of other orders.

Known Member:
Willum – An elven Archivist that assisted the party in their research into Demrim, the plague and the Amulet of Vomera. He is a fussy individual preferring a quiet and orderly environment.

Order of Secrets

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