Andramia Elsinire

Name: Andramia Elsinire
Child Name: Andri
Race: Elf
Age: 441

Physical Description:
Andramia is tall and fair skinned with long blonde hair that is usually kept in a functional braid. Like most elves she still looks to be in the prime of youth despite being of middle years for an elf

She is a focused individual when given a task to the point of a detrimental fixation. She has been known to neglect her own well being when working on large scale projects. She is pragmatic in most things but still expects the best from people and tries to see the positive in people and situations. Due to her upbringing first in a noble family and then in the Monastery she may miss an individuals machination but through experience has learned to not be blind to larger manipulations.
Andramia maintains a more egalitarian view toward the other races than many elves, due in part to her experience with her Master.

Born: -441 AS
Joined the monastery as apprentice: -328 AS
Became full member of the order: -292 AS
Became Master Curator: 0 AS

Andramia Elsinire is the newly promoted Master Curator of the Tabohr Monastery following the death of Master Pandon Gladdenstone.

Andramia was promoted from being the Master of Field Research and Recovery. That Order had recently made a significant discovery that may lead to the lost dwarven city of Demrim near the northern portion of the Shattered Edge Mountains. Hear team has failed to report in causing political complications to her recent promotion.

Andramia is the only child of a lesser lord who lived near one of the port cities on Valwynne. Her mother died shortly after childbirth. Family tradition had her attend the University as a student starting when she was only 10. When she was 14, her father died while away from Valwynne. She never learned of the circumstances of his death. She was the sole inheritor of her modest family estate and entrusted it’s care to a trusted human servant and his family while she continued her education within the University. Around the age of 50 she left the University behind and returned to her family estate to live there, but she was never satisfied with that life. She eventually returned to the University and joined the order of monks. Due to her upbringing she had difficulty accepting the other races as part of the monastery, taking the view of elven superiority. That changed after an incident with her master, who was not elven. That incident and the specific punishment involved is often told among the younger apprentices as a kind of local legend with many of the apprentices not knowing who either the apprentice or master actually were.

She still owns her family estate but rarely visits it. It’s care is still in the trust of the family she’d entrusted it to so many years prior.

Andramia has a young apprentice by the name of Sarya Glynlee

Andramia Elsinire

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